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Our friendly nature and know-how with machines helps us know much better about the infrastructure which is needed in the modern world to make our product acceptable and appreciable in the different markets. Our machines are located in one unit itself and it’s a total online process which means that there is absolutely no human touch in the midst of the process. A world class infrastructure consists of various machines which allow us to clean all the impurities and deliver a product which in itself can be distinguished in the MARKET among the rest available. Our unit is an ISO & HACCP certified.

Varied Machines comprised in our tally of infrastructure are as follows:-


  • MTR machines for cleaning impurities
  • De-Stoners to get rid of stones
  • Air Lock to suck away all the dust
  • Grading Machines to maintain the quality
  • World class Huller and Dryer
  • Cooling machine to ensure that the seed maintains its moisture and oil content.
  • Z+ series BUHLER sortex machine.
  • Packaging done in our premises itself.
  • Container stuffing and sealing also done in our premises.


All these machines are very closely monitored by our expertized technicians under the guidance of the Managing Director (Technical) of the firm. The blend of state of the art of technology along with the expertise to manage such machine helps us grow confidence in our customers.



In today’s world packaging is the key to success. We are very flexible with our packing material and can customise it as per the requirement of our clients. We pack our varied range of products in multi-layer paper bags, polypropylene bags and jute bags as per the demand of our client in various quantity packs such as 10kgs, 15kgs, 25kgs and 50kgs etc. We have a defined system of packing the material into a container which is thoroughly followed by our managers and staff members for satisfaction of our clients.


Quality Management & Assurance

Quality is our major priority than quantity. There is a three level check before the final product is achieved. We excel in delivering the same quality of product over and over again. We strive to achieve this by consistency in our procedure by honest analysis of our procedure and consistent efforts of our staff members. Lab testing is carried out at our premises itself to carry out a check on the product.

Tests conducted on the following parameters:-

  • No Chemicals
  • Free of Bacteria & Salmonella
  • No presence of Stone
  • No bad Odour
  • Purity
  • Moisture Content

With the help of such parameters and checks we assure a repeated quality of our product all over the year and year and year again.

As our efforts to maintain the quality of the seed we do not compromise on the quality of our packaging material as well. This also helps us in maintaining the rich aroma and freshness of the seed. It also helps us retain the moisture content during the distant transit during humid conditions.

All our goods are packed, loaded and stuffed in a food grade containers at our own facility under the strict supervision of our quality staff so that the goods reaches to our customers in good condition.

Client Relationship and Satisfaction

We at KirtiUdyog have a special focus and that is to build strong, healthy and long lasting relations with our clients by making them comfortable with our product and satisfying them in all the phases of our business. We believe in sharing all the information about the seeds on a daily basis which we are aware of and gathering opinions from our clients about the world to grow and also make our clients happy and satisfied.

We are a very principle and discipline oriented unit with a clear vision in our mind to fully satisfy our clients and build a strong trust between the two of us.

Our Products

  1. Hulled Sesame Seeds
  2. Natural Sesame Seeds
  3. Roasted Sesame Seeds


  • Tahini Recipe
  • Perfect salad

USP of Kirti Udyog

  • Consistent quality of the seeds throughout the year.
  • Timely delivery of the export cargo as promised.
  • No matter of fluctuations in the MARKETS, the price and delivery of goods to be honoured as incorporated in the contract.
  • 35 years of experience in the industry.